U-Point – Plan 7bis EP

12 inch vinyl

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U-Point - PLAN 7bis - EP

U-Point is Julien Ulvoas & his computer. The French producer has been making music on the side since 2003 whilst carving out an incredible reputation for his mixes and remixes, including a recent guestspot on Ninja Tunes Solid Steel radio show. These have gained him a strong following within the alternative Hip-Hop scene, with fans including Glen Porter, DJ Pain, Electro4 (Bully) and Buddy Peace (Bully/2600) as well DJ Food’s Strictly Kev (Ninja Tune). This is the first official release containing only his own original tracks with a sound akin to the leftfield beats coming from Anticon, Bully and Lex records.

U-Point fuses DJ Shadow-esque drums with an ear for melody that propels his tracks into the same dusty electronica paths as Bonobo, or Rounds-era Four-Tet. He lists “Conduit For Sale” by Pavement an early influence, with the Headz compilations and the first Dj Krush album as his initial inspiration to produce his own material. What’s abundant is U-Point’s love of melodramatic, psychedelic and dark movies with the EP sounding like a soundtrack to a sinister film you’ve stumbled across at a charity shop.

What people are saying about U-Point:

“Cinematic breaks and beats in the key of DJ Shadow, Bonobo and Four Tet” – DJmag

“Could this be the French DJ Shadow that the world has been waiting for? Well, possibly, this first solo waxing far from disappoints, with all the atmosphere of a rain-soaked night drive through the dark part of town”. – Subba-Cultcha.com

“His music tells a story, painting pictures in your head, taking you on a journey into his world. U-Point always comes through with dope drums, sick guitar licks, and moody atmospherics. What’s not to like?” – Glen Porter (Project Mooncircle)

“A healthy dose of vintage DJ shadow beats and Boards of Canada synth lines” – Strictly Kev (DJ Food/ Ninja Tune)

“This is so far up my street it’s my nextdoor neighbour!” – SasQwax (Rhythym Incursions)