Clas Tuuth – We Should Get Back (album)

Release date: Oct 14th 2016

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1 – I Can See Them
2 – Must Ever
3 – Running Water
4 – Standing Still
5 – What We Are
6 – Tapping Bottles
7 – It’s Not Me
8 – Air
9 – Pas De Stresse
10 – Tired of These People
11 – Just Yours
12 – Caught In The Tangle
13 – Pas De Probleme
14 – Ember
15 – Burnt Sky
16 – They Mostly Come at Night

Sitting somewhere in the mix of Gold Panda, Mount Kimbie, Bonobo and Four Tet, emerging London producer Clas Tuuth will release his debut album We Should Get Back via esteemed London indie Need No Water this autumn.
Following up his trilogy of EPs, We Should Get Back is possibly the most accomplished incarnation of his sound yet, subtly treading the line between underground club sounds and the indie-rooted world he’s made his name in.
A balance of delicate textures and rough-edged beats, Clas’ debut maintains his building reputation for crafting electronic music with an organic feel. Regular collaborator Catriona Irving features heavily throughout the album, providing emotive vocals, which are cut and spliced into sound sculptures to create a warm, beat-heavy album showcasing Clas Tuuth’s ability to absorb and repurpose a variety of influences; from techno to garage, hip-hop to lo-fi.

Album opener I Can See Them picks up on familiar Clas Tuuth ground with a garage-esque influence, building up delicate textures of clicks and snaps into a crafted electronic sculpture, which is followed by the hypnotic Must Never, which comes off like a cross between a hardcore rave and a gregorian chant. Elsewhere, the new single, Standing Still exemplifies the album’s air of warmth and humanity with Catriona Irving providing a full vocal, which Clas duly chops up and reconstructs for the most dance-floor orientated track of the set. The Londoner’s ever-present 2-step influence is paramount in tracks like It’s Not Me, the previous single Air, Just Yours and What We Are, while tracks like Running Water and Tired of These People nod towards a lo-fi hip-hop sound.

Previous single Air was championed at the end of last year by BBC 6music’s Steve Lamacq and all three of Clas Tuuth EPs have enjoyed support from the station, with Nemone picking out Sketch from EP 001 as her ‘headphones moment’ on the morning show, while tracks from each part of the EP trilogy have enjoyed airplay from Tom Ravenscoft, Rob Da Bank and from Huw Stephens on BBC Radio1.

Building on this momentum, Clas Tuuth has crafted an album that pushes more traditional underground sounds to new audiences, crafting electronic beats into textures of fragile humanity. It’s a full chapter of Clas’ work and for those late night long-player sessions this is a must check.

Oscillating between pensive melancholia and dancefloor-ready UK Garage, it fusses with the human and inhuman, and distorts those tropes into an age old battle between the organic and the industrial
– Impose

Glistening melodic chimes, cryptic vocals… equally pensive and dance-floor orientated – music that could soundtrack both the night’s euphoric highs and the next morning’s fragile recovery.

Favourably rubs shoulders with the folktronica’s elite, ie the likes of Four Tet or Gold Panda –Q

A soulful fusion of UK garage rhythms and sleek techno textures. – Clash

Deep bass lines, hidden beneath the depths, stuttering restless percussion and occasional glimpses of a warmness … It echoes the darkened intimacy that made Burial such an intense late-night partner… Keep your eyes on this one”
– Gold Flake Paint