Rozi Plain – Joined Sometimes Unjoined (album)

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New Rozi Plain album, released in the UK as a joint release by Fence and NeedNoWater. This is Rozi’s second LP with Fence Records, following a move to Brixton, and the release of two interim EP’s with NeedNoWater – Humans and See My Boat.

Accompanied by a full band this time, her sparse vocal and finger-picked guitar arrangements are fleshed out across ten tracks with a revolving cast of layered voices, soft-tumbling percussion, steel-pan drums, violin, piano and lilting brass. It’s a warm, summer-sun blend of melody centred around Rozi’s voice, and as such the playful jolt of lead-single, ‘Humans’, balances with the heart-breaking solemn vocal of ‘Days Minutes’; equally the carefree birdsong whistle of ‘Eating In Your House’ is matched by the happy-go-lucky yelp of ‘See My Boat’.