Soy Un Caballo were a Belgian duo comprised of Thomas Van Cottom and Aurelie Muller. We released two 7 inch singles by Soy Un Caballo, both featuring a French and English version of a different song.

The first single, Robin, had the original French version by Soy Un Caballo and an English cover version by Tunng. The second had an original song by This Is The Kit called Birchwood Beaker, translated into French for Soy Un Caballo’s cover version “A Travers La Niege”. Both singles are sold out and not currently available digitally, although you can find Birchwood Beaker on This Is The Kit’s album Krulle Bol at

Sadly, Soy Un Caballo are no more, but you can find new music by Thomas under his cabane project, and Aurelie Muller is one half of the duo Blondy Brownie